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tell your friends:
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Our Features make LFG Nexus different!

Dumbledore told Harry: “It is not what makes you the same that is important, but what makes you
different.” LFG Nexus is different because it accelerates how gamers connect on social media and makes
meeting others easy and fun again!

Looking for Game

LFG Nexus is here to help connect you to other Gamers that love the same games as you, from all over the world.

Find Streamers

Find your next favorite Streamer or your newest follower. Watch 18 concurrent streams at once, only at LFG Nexus!

Game Reviews

Want to learn more about a game before you buy it? See what other people have said about their experiences with different games.

Find Local Events

Find events in your area where you can meet other gamers, as well as create and build relationships. Or just have some fun!


Imagine being able to get more reach for your store using the LFG Nexus platform. COMING SOON !

Find Crowdfunders

Wouldn't it be great to have Crowdfunding opportunities all in one place, well LFG Nexus has done it

Connect with other Gamers

LFG Nexus invites you, YES…you, to jump in and leverage the convenience of everything this platform offers.


LFG Nexus is here to bring you everything you might want to one place. When you first log in tell us the types of Games that you like and we will bring you content catered to your interests! We can help you find and build gaming communities, streams, events, stores and so much more.

Get started NOW and in a matter of moments, you will be on your way finding new people to all from across the country to right in your backyard that want to play all of your favorite games with you! Tell your friends: ​

Tell your friends: “you can find us on nexus!”


LFG Nexus is not just for Gamers and Geek Culture, we are here to help the whole industry to grow! We want to work with...