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  • This Past Friday I went ot the Pre-Release at Bearded Brown Coats, Ocala Florida.

    I could write more about how the games went. 3 Wins / 1 Loss – Drop before final round, because I had to Work at 1:00 AM, but I would rather talk about something else.

    This was the first real pre-release post lock downs, and where you could play in individual events, commander and such. This was the true release of WOTC’s support of in person play. I was really excited. First the set is beautiful in all its Art-Deco Glory, the cards feel a bit stiffer and better than they have the previous few years, set release booster were given as prize rewards at my location, and the value of them seemed pretty good. What made this better for me is the slow start to building a new community.

    I have played some commander at this location before, and it was hit or miss. I am very much a traditionalist in my commander play.
    1. No Proxies
    2. I am not a CEDH Person
    3. Don’t know French Commander – This is what the store does for FNM

    So when I first started goign to events here mid pandemic, September 2021, I really felt like a fish our of water, just moved to the area, no friends. Looking to jump right in and see whats up. Well my first experience was pretty off-putting. I went back a few times, and the store was just not hitting my vibe I guess.

    Then about 3 weeks ago I went to FNM and just played some casual commander games, and something happened.

    First, the Store had given itself a face lift. They had rearranged the area, put in new flooring, Over all the feel of the place was different and good, Looking back that could have been one of my issues, the store as a whole felt like a warehouse of sorts, So remember this owners, presentation is everything, you here this in food, but it also is important in retail. Make your store accessible and inviting and you will bring in more customers. With the change in the store there felt like a different energy all around with players. Attitudes seemed different, people appeared and presented themselves happier then I remember before. Environment effect people, this was all Positive. It effect my mood in a positive way.

    Next was that I actual got to know some individuals there. I am bad with names over all so I didn’t remember their names later, but I fixed that this last night.

    Chris, Ted, Zach, Yay!!!!!!

    So Last night was just a pre-release of a new set in Magic the Gathering, but I will say over all welcome back to in person play, make friends, met people, build a community!!!! This is why you play games, this is why I play Magic. I am happy that life is returning back to normal!






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