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  • I have watch the first 5 episodes and here are my thoughts…

    I have really been enjoying it but I know that their has been a big hit to people that are watching it.

    I like…

    • Bo Katan
    • The battles they have had with the Bird, Pirates,
    • Going to Mandalore to see what is going on there.
    • I liked Christopher Lloyd and his call back to Count Dooku.

    I want not a fan of…

    • Baby Yoda/Grogu is starting to wear off.
    • While I liked seeing Jack Black and Christopher Lloyd, I dont know enough about the Lizzo. I will just leave it that doing the cameos is cheating.
    • Filler episodes
    • The episode where they go back to the new republic. I they want to get into the other stuff, lets do short call outs instead of 1 long episode. (IMO)

    Other stuff I heard…
    That Pedro walked of set during filming of season 2 as they did not show his face enough. FYI there are 3 people that they use the body for Mando. At this point he can just go into the studio for the voice over, but I think that pissed them off and they are going to switch over to Bo Katan esspecially now that they figured out how to get her the dark sabre.

    If you watch there trailer, there still seems to be a scean with a bunch of Jedi, that we have not seen as of yet, and I am courious what will happen with that.

    Well this is my opinion, what do you think?






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